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Boise Homes for sale.  Call one of our our agents to find out how to get the best deal possible on Boise Homes.  Builders NEED to sell their Boise Homes.  Now.  They need to sell their Boise homes that they built during the building boom and are still for sale in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna and Caldwell Idaho!



There are JUST TOO MANY HOMES FOR SALE!  And buyers know it.  Buyer's agents are writing several low ball offers before they get an accepted offer or finally wear out and offer close to market value.  Home prices are still dropping!  But your poor seller can't go lower because they have bought in 2005 or 2006 and as you know prices have dropped. 

Real Estate Agents:  You MUST be honest with your sellers or they aren't going to sell your home and you are going to loose the listing.  You MUST SHOW them with a good market analysis what has recently sold in their area.  They need to realize that the ONLY way they are going to sell is to COMPEL a buyer to make an offer by having their home priced BELOW MARKET VALUE!

This is like skiing!  If you skiers remember when you learned to ski it was really hard to lean DOWN HILL.  The natural thing to do is lean up hill.  Doing that lands you on your back or worse.  YOU MUST LEAN DOWN HILL TO SKI!  RIGHT?

Being under the market may not only get you an offer but you might even get multiple offers.  Then you can multiple counter offer. 

BUT:  Your seller may not be able to loose the money.  If they are moving up they almost can't loose because whatever they loose on their sale they are going to gain more on their purchase.  You MUST get them to understand that. 

What if it is investment property?  Let's say it is a spec house and they are (ouch) renting it for $1,000 per month but they have PITI of $2,200.  Ten months from now their house is going to be worth less and they are going to have to make $10,000 more to break even than selling it today for whatever.  AND WE KNOW (look at NAR Stats) that this is going to go on for the next three or four years.  There house will be worth less and the renters are probably going to wear more than owners.  New paint, new carpet, etc etc.  Your people need to understand that they have an alligator and they need to KILL IT NOW.  They need to eat it if they can.  If they can't they need to do a short sale.  If they need to do a short sale call me and refer them to me.  John Boles or I will sit down with you and explain to them why they need to do this and why you need to refer them to us.  Unless you have done short sales and know what you are doing don't try to do it and run out of time.  If you have done one three years ago consider you have never done one.  It is a different ball game.  For most Realtors® it is just a waste of time and money.  Chances are very high that your sellers are going to end up out with an REO.  Everyone looses and your reputation is another notch lower.  I am sorry.  We just don't have the time and ability to train you.  But if you refer your people and we sell we will pay you a referral fee.  Your sellers will love you and they will respect you and probably use you again.

Agents, before you list you really need to honestly know the market value and what your listing will sell for.  You MUST first look at all the deeds and liens on the home.  You need to make sure that your seller CAN sell for the true market value price that it WILL SELL FOR.  If you just list hoping go get the listing this is what is going to happen.

  1. You will list it high according to the emotions of your sellers.

  2. After about two months you will talk them into dropping the price.

  3. After a couple more months your listing is going to run out.

  4. Another agent is going to list it!

  5. Your sellers who where probably your friends aren't any more.

  6. You lost a lot of time and money and feel bad.

Do This:

  1. Meet with your potential sellers AFTER you have gotten a listing package and looked at deeds of trust and liens.

  2. Show that too your sellers and verify that it is accurate.

  3. Give them a TRUTHFUL market value.

  4. Charge your commission, you can't and should work for a cut commission.

  5. If they cannot sell for market value explain to them what a short sale is.  Tell them there that it is a specialty that is very difficult.  If they are in a limited time frame, loosing their job, moving out of area etc. make sure you are honest and tell them that running out of time is going to hurt them.

  6.  Refer them to us.  Set us up with them.  Call us up before hand and we will explain to you how and why we do this. 

  7. Referral fee:  That is going to depend on the price of the home and the amount that we are going to net.  This is a time consuming expensive process.  We can do it.  The referral fee will depend on the selling price range, and if we double end.  More short sales are double ended than normal.  You will get double on a double end.

  8. If you are out of the treasure valley, anywhere in Idaho we may be able to co list with you.  Call for details. 

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