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Boise Homes for sale.  Call one of our our agents to find out how to get the best deal possible on Boise Homes.  Builders NEED to sell their Boise Homes.  Now.  They need to sell their Boise homes that they built during the building boom and are still for sale in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna and Caldwell Idaho!


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New Boise Foreclosure and Short sale information.

Click here for the newest Boise area short sale listings.

Click here for the newest Boise area Bank owned homes listings.

If you are upside down, facing foreclosure, don't wait.  Click here for new Fannie Mae Video on short sales. Click on the video tab. Call us.  We have an extremely high closing rate.  The most common reason that short sales don't close is because if inexperienced handling.

Once at the above or at the BEST MLS link you can search in detail.  Use the power search to search individual neighborhoods, or subdivisions.  see the street views on the detailed views.

Call any agent on the above sites to set up an automatic update search. 

REO, Bank owned property.  Pros and Cons!

Pros:  Often prices are low.  Offers are usually accepted, counter offered or rejected.  Closing can usually be done in about a month from the time of an accepted offer.

Cons:  The yards are usually dead at this time of year.  Many homes are in rough shape.  Banks are usually mechanical and demanding.  If they accept your offer or counter offer it is usually verbal and then they send their standard addenda that protects their interests.  It is usually several pages of fine hard to read print and they want you to sign it before they do.  They may or may not be willing to work with defects found on a home inspection and often their paperwork and dates do not match the verbal agreements.  When priced low they often get multiple offers and send out multiple counter offers.  That is a way to get buyers to compete and bid up prices.  The best deals are sometimes therefore stressful for many buyers.  Often, but not always, the property is AS-IS.  You need a good experienced agent and the right constitution and expectations to do foreclosures. 

Short Sales:

Pros:  Homes are most often occupied and owners usually are trying to keep the property up.  Their objective is to get out with the least credit damage so it behooves them to keep the property in good condition.  Often you get good discount compared to the amount owed on the property.

Cons:  Some banks and loan processors are very slow.  Many take 3 to 4 months minimum to get an approval.  Usually the listing agent and seller are going to keep the home on the market and take additional offers until an approval is given so you may be in competition with other buyers and will not know for sure that you have an accepted offer by the bank even if the seller accepts your offer.  Some lenders are typically much faster and easier to work with than others.  Furthermore, many agents listing short sales have little or no experience closing them.  There are many agents who claim to be experts who have many short sale listings but have closed few or none.  Many end up in foreclosure and never end up being successfully sold as a short sale.  You need a buyer's agent who is experienced and knows the right questions to ask.  You want to know who is the lender, who is the investor, is the selling agent experienced and successful in closing short sales.  You will also usually be waiting weeks to months to find out if the investor accepts your offer.  So you must be patient.  You should have an agent who is going to help make sure that you do not get bumped out of your home by another buyer.  Experienced buyers and agents know that it is often better to get in late with a better offer.  Better is NOT always more money.  The best offer is the one that closes.  The best advise I can give on short sales is to know your agent and know that your agent has closed at least several, or a broker who has supervised several successful closings.  Many buyers are frustrated after weeks of trying.

Straight seller owned property.  Not short sales, not REO.

Pros:  Months ago sellers were in denial.  Some still are but many are not.  Many sellers are not upside down and do have a lot of equity.  Often they are moving either because of a job change or they may be moving up.  They may have a house that would have sold for $250,000 three years ago that now will get $180,000.  So why sell?  They may be buying a home that would have sold for $700,000 three years ago that they can now buy for $360,000!  It is obvious to them that they are ahead selling low and buying low than they would have been three years ago selling high and buying high.  This sellers are often very financially intelligent and motivated and easy to deal with.  They know that the short sale market and REO market is deterring the market value and if they want to sell the have to be competitive.  Other sellers have a job move.  They have lost their job or are getting a better job out of the area and they know that they need to sell and they are going to be able to buy wherever the go for less.  They are often more willing to negotiate than banks.  The closings are going to be more flexible.  Many buyers are naively passing up a lot of great buys by looking exclusively for short sales and REOS.

Cons:  Not many if the deal is right.  Look for what you want for the price you want.  If you find something close and it is an REO or a short sale have an agent who will help you find the things you need to know.  If it is a straight owner owned property have your agent run a CMA or BPO of similar sold property so you can SEE what similar property has sold for.  This IS a buyers' market.  Sellers are against the ropes.  Yet I have seen more frustrated buyers than ever!  Call me or one of my agents and let's talk.  We will help you know what is right for you and help you find it!

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