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Boise Area Short Sales Lender Approval letters!

 Most Realtors® have NEVER closed a short sale!  Most don't even try because they are hard to do.  Below are several approval letters for short sales from several different lenders.  Most short sales fail.  90% of ours close.   If you have to do a short sale you already know the pressure you are under.  Don't increase that by having an agent who hasn't closed short sales.  Especially if you are a seller!  Many frustrated buyers leave before they close because it takes time if you do it right let alone if you are learning as you go.  This calls for experience.  See the proof below and call  Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 after you have interviewed the agents that you want and before you sign a contract with anyone.  Whether buying or selling, if you want success instead of frustration use a Realtor® with short sale experience.  Call today for listing information if you are a seller or are facing an expiration without a sale.  Call if you are a buyer wanting to buy a short sale or a foreclosure property.  If you are a Realtor® and want to save yourself a headache and refer your sellers who have to short sale, call John or Jon and discuss it with us.  We want to help.  

Get a short sale expectations and time line report by copying this: by  Clicking here for the report for report.  


Dear Jon,

Thank you so much for a timely close to our short sale which only took a couple of months and the offer was quickly accepted by our mortgage co. due to your prompting and professional negotiations.  From the beginning, you were prepared then we closed escrow easily from out of state.     The process was not complex because you walked us through each phase and explained things in detail.  You always followed up on each detail and made sure others had their part of the process in order so there would be no delays.  We paid no default funds to the lender and no judgments were pronounced upon us for default.  It was a clean sale.   Your exemplary performance regarding this transaction is commendable, and we shall encourage others to solicit your services if they want the best representation because we know your business depends greatly on referrals Best regards, Dale and Joni Bolland

I was in a situation where I needed to sell my rental property.  I was not able to get it rented and the money was running out.  I decided to try and sell the house before it would fall into foreclosure.  I relied on John Boles to help me accomplish the impossible, selling a 600k house in a buyers market.  We decided to go for the short sale option, which I hadn't heard of before. But that didn't matter, John held my hand through the whole ordeal.  One thing I would like to mention is I am in Virginia and John is in Idaho.  I had never met him face to face but I truly felt I could trust him.  All communications and transactions were done via email and phone calls.  I must say it was a very stressful experience, but because of the competence and diligence of John Boles and everyone at the BoiseRealtyStore, I was able to sell the house.  Thanks so much John Boles and Jon Gosche.  -CG in Virginia.

We take a limited number of Short Sale Listings at a time.  Call 208-870-20115 today and ask for an SHORT SALE APPLICATION.





Get all brand new Boise area short sale and REO (Bank owned) listings Real time as soon as they are listed.  Not just a weekly list.  Call Jon Gosche 208-870-2115.