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Boise Real Estate Short Sales.

Why you need a Realtor® Buyer agent to help you buy short sales.

Many people wanting to buy short sales call us for information.  Many have gone to seminars or bought programs "teaching" them how to buy short sales and promoting the idea that you can get exceptional buys.  Well you can.  But you can also get burned.  Boise and the Boise Nampa Meridian area are in a falling market.  Just because a property is being offered as a short sale does not mean it is a good deal.  In fact it may be sold for more than lots of other homes that are passed up because the sellers are not in financial trouble but want to or have to move.  But they CAN sell for market value. 

If a home's market value (what someone will pay for it) is $180,000 but they owe $230,000 because they have refinanced for example, they owe $50,000 more than they can get.  Usually a lender isn't going to roll over so easily.  They all require and offer and a package of material from the seller and the seller is often not too crazy about coming up with tax forms, and all the other required stuff.  It can take up to 90 days for the lender to even look at the offer.   Many agents listing short sales have never closed one and are learning as they go.  And the truth is the loss mitigators are so back logged and things are changing so fast, that we are all learning as we go; even those of us who have done short sales before.  There are also lots of myths and seminar misinformation.  Here is a list of some of it.

  1. You can get a better price without a buyer Realtor® because there will be less commission to pay.  WRONG.  A skilled short sale agent knows what the loss mitigator needs.  We know how to put together a market analysis showing that your offer is a good reasonable offer that they should accept.  We meet with the appraiser or independent agent who does their price opinion and often over values it because of several reasons.

  2. You can get free or cheap lists for pre foreclosure and foreclosure property.  Yes.  But you will soon find out they are not cheap and they have a lot off erroneous information.  Like you will see one that is being foreclosed and the lien is $200,000.  But that might just be the second and there is an $800,000 first.

  3. The most accurate way to find default property is to physically go every day to the assessor's office and use the public computers.  This is really time consuming and if you are not a full time professional it makes it hardly worth it.

  4. There are several "list" services.  They are expensive and a some have outdated inaccurate information.

Here is what we can do for you!

  1. Provide you automatic, real time listings of short sale property listed by ALL Realtors®.  You will first get all listings in the price range, area, age, etc that you want.  Then you will get updates in your email box REAL TIME, as soon as ANY agent lists.  You will have addresses and other data.

  2. We will do a market analysis for you so you can see what other like property has recently sold for so you can really tell if you are getting a good buy.  Even more, we will be able to put together a list of properties to present to the lender to argue your offer price.

  3. We will help you "run the numbers" so if you are buying to resell you will not be guessing at what you may resell for.  You need to figure closing costs taxes and more.

  4. We will also show you other property that may be even a better deal and easier to purchase and sell than short sales.  Short sales are the new craze.  Their are good deals but because they are the new real estate craze there are going to be a lot of people burned again.

  5. Many short sales are actually REALTOR® owned property!  Why do you think that is?  You would think if anyone would NOT be loosing their homes it would be Real Estate professionals.

  6. We will be paid by the seller and or the lender.  The truth is that lenders WANT you to have an experienced agent to help them.

  7. Listed property already has a predetermined commission agreement between he listing agent and the seller.  But that listing agent may never have done a short sale.  We can and will help them.  Also they are contracted with the seller to get the best deal for the seller.  NOT YOU!  We will have a contact with you to get the best deal for YOU!  We can find lien information, last sale price, and lots of information that a selling agent will not, can not tell you. 

I have been buying and selling real estate for over 30 years as an investor.  Right now guess what?  I don't own investment property.  I sold the last of it over two years ago.  I don't buy investment property because I like being a broker.  I don't what to have a conflict of interest with my buyer clients.  I just like doing real estate.  I make money by helping others make money.  If you are looking to buy, this is a great time.  Especially to buy a home to live in.  I would love to help you.  Call me and let's talk.  Jon Gosche 208-870-2115 or John Boles 208-830-6185. 

Ask an agent you are thinking about using to help you buy short sale property if he or she buys property.  If the answer is yes why aren't they buying it instead of trying to get YOU to buy it?  That is why I DON'T buy investment property anymore.  I did it for about 30 years.  Yes I did make a lot of money.  But when I became a buyer agent about 10 years ago I realized I had a conflict.  I wanted to buy all the great deals!  I made the decision that I wanted to be a buyer agent instead of a buyer.  I want to make money buy helping you make money or find a great home to live in. 

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