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Boise Home sales:  April 2,2014.  I have left everything alone below and you should read it and check out the links for Home Sale data.  They will take you to up to date Boise Home Statistics and Boise area listings and statistics.  But what I wrote about the hot 2013 spring market was a flash in the pan in many areas around Boise.  While Boise prices have risen it hasn't been so fast.  Kuna was dead early in 2014 but now the $150,000 home sales are picking up.  Not so much yet for $200,000 home.  More are being listed.  If you can trade the drive for price, there are some bargains in Kuna.  We also are noticing a lot more listings coming on the Market in Boise.  Click on the MLS link on the left and start looking.  If you are thinking about selling call 208-870-2115 and we will take a look!

Boise home sales have accelerated since the beginning of 2013.  In general homes are on the market for fewer days.  There is a shortage of homes for sale in Boise that we started predicting 2 years ago.  Homes that sold for $90,000 in Boise last summer have disappeared and the same type of homes are selling fast for between $130,000 and $145,000. The present Home inventory is about 3 months.  That means that if no one listed another home what is on the market now would be gone in three months.   Interest rates of course are still very low.  So to find the right home it is more important than ever to keep on top of Boise home sale statistics, have a good buyer agent ready to show you new listings and get new home listings sent to you immediately when they are listed.  You can get all that by clicking on the Boise area MLS link on the left.  Call one of the agents listed on or call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 to match you with the Best Boise area Realtor for you.

Boise home sale statistics: Ada County is up 21.1% in Dollars Sold in 2012 vs 2011. (up $194 Million)  This is according to data taken from Intermountain MLS up to the latest Boise area home sale data available as of October 2012.  Recently Core logic reported Boise as the second fastest comeback city in the country!  Canyon County is up 6.1% in Dollars Sold in 2012 vs 2011. (up $15 Million) Same source of data, Intermountain MLS.  I have left some older data below so you can see how Boise Home sale statistics are changing.  For the best Boise area MLS search there is click on the Boise area MLS tab at the left.  See street views and much more right on the listings!

OK.  For graphs and listing trends Trulia is hard to beat so here is the link to LISTING TRENDS for Boise on Trulia. Scroll down on that page to see graphs.  But for MLS search Click here because it is the best.  Search yourself, save your searches, get automatic updates, see Google Street Views and Aerial Views right on the listing page.  Save them and get all kinds of information and call one of the best Boise area real estate agents to show them to you.

Boise Home Sale Statistics are changing.  Boise median priced homes dropped from 2011 to 2012 first quarter but are up 11 % from the end of March 2011 to the end of March 2012.

"Sales in May 2012 were 604 in Ada County, an increase of 1% compared to May 2011. Year-to-date sales are 2,632; 9% over the first four months of 2011.

Dollar volume for May was up 24%!

October 2012 home sales in Ada County increased 17% Compared to October 2012. The year to date sales are 10% more than the first nine months sales in 2011.

Boise home sale statistics for the first quarter of 2012 ending April 30, 20212 for Boise, Meridian and the surrounding towns, Ada and Canyon County.  To get a sense of where we are going and where we are coming from read below the first few paragraphs and use some of the links to research further.

For the first quarter of 2012 in Boise 831 homes sold.  49% were typical sales and 51% were distress sales (Foreclosures or Short Sales).  Meridian home sales were a total of 355 with 59.4% typical sales and 40% distress sales.  Eagle home sales were 94 total, 62.8% typical sales and 37.2% distressed.  Kuna home sales were 89 with just 38.2% typical sales and 61.8% distressed!  Nampa home sales were 402 with 34.8% typical and 65.2% distress sales.  Caldwell home sales were 187 with only 27.3% typical and 72.7% distress sales.

This market is changing.  It is confusing.  I listened to a radio show Realtor this weekend and I thought he was way off.  It is easy to get false data.  Our Boise home sale statistics come from the Intermountain MLS through the great work of Hennessey Appraisals.  If you are a statistics and graphs geek you may want to visit  Hennessey Appraisal Reports yourself. 

By looking at the numbers and by our experience and website traffic people are moving much more towards Boise and away from the towns further away.  This is a turnaround from a few years ago when Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell were exploding while Boise residential growth was turning down.

The perception is that we are in a buyer's market.  But buyers in Boise are finding it hard to find homes to buy.  Lots of investors with cash and first time homebuyers have rapidly lowered the inventory.  Many homes are getting multiple offers especially in Boise.

The average home sale price in Boise in March 2012 was up considerably from a year ago.  It was $174,324, up from $157,055 a year ago.

Boise Idaho Home Sales at the end of 2011 are still down.  Boise home prices are still dropping.  (Not the first quarter of 2012)!

The average single family home sold price in Ada County in November 2011 was $172,003.  In November 2010 the average single home sale price was $178,443 and in 2009 it was $188,642.  These are averages which are total price of all sold homes divided by number of homes sold.  The 2010 data below are median prices meaning half of the total number sold was above the median number sold number and half below the median sold number. 

The numbers of Boise homes sold are up and have climbed slightly through the year.  I will come back ASAP to get more specific.  In the meantime look for your new home at, Bookmark this and come back for lots of information on Boise Short Sales, Boise Bank owned homes for sale and lots of other Boise Real Estate information.

In the first 9 months in Ada County there were 1,797 distressed home sales accounting for 31.7% of total sales.  There were 3,879 typical sales for 68.3% of home sales.  In Canyon County there were 1,230 distressed sales accounting for 53% of total sales and 1,090 typical sales accounting for 47% of total sales in Canyon County.

Distressed sales are on the decline especially in Ada County.  Prices are rising.  See below for what was going on last year and the year before.

Here are the Boise area home sales statistics for November 2011 according to the Hennessey Report.

406 of 764 sold homes, or 53% ,were distress sales in the month of November 2011.

REO, Foreclosure, Short-Sale, HUD Owned for November-2011

250 + 156 = 472 = Ada + Canyon

160 SHORT SALE (49 of 160 were also “Yes” to In Foreclosure)
406 Total Distress Ada & Canyon County

Boise Idaho Home sales in 2010  Ada County median price home sold July 2010 was $160,000.  July 2009 it was $173,000.  The median priced existing home sold in July 2010 was $155,000 down from $175,000 a year ago.  The drop has not stopped but it has slowed down.  You can buy a very nice home in the Boise Idaho area for less than $200,000.   In fact you can buy a nice home in and around Boise for as low as close to $100,000.  Ada County Association of Realtors sent this link out 5-18-2011.  This is a must read for you if you are thinking about buying a Boise Home or Selling a Boise area Home.   It's Getting Better.


 The latest Boise area home prices:  For the end of Q3  Ada County median home sales price for the previous 12 months was $156,000 according to IMLS.

To search all Boise area home listings click on the Idaho MLS link to the left! THIS to get the latest home price data from Intermountain MLS.

Canyon County median home price for the past 12 months sales of existing homes is $89,500 according to IMLS.  There was a time when the median home sale price in Canyon County Idaho was in the $180,000 range.

Boise area, Ada County median home sale price for existing homes as of April 10,2010:  $148,000.  Median year to date sale price in the Boise area (Ada County) is  $155,000.  One year ago it was $172,000.  Call me at 870-2115 or one of the agents on the Our Realtors® tab at the left.  You can click the Idaho MLS tab on the left and search yourself but you will love our automatic search.  

Median priced home in Boise, June 2009 $170,000 down from $230,000 just a few months ago.  Should I  buy now?  August 2009 median price $169,900.  Year to date as of the end of March 2010 the median home sale price was $161,400.  Click on the highlighted link below for the latest home sale statistics.  CNBC reported 4-23-2010 that home sales are up and homebuilder stocks surged this past month.  Good sign for homebuyers.  Home inventories are dropping.  If you are buying you need a Realtor® who keeps up with the market to help you get the best buy possible.  That is why I want you to call me so I can hook you up with one of the best Realtors® for the area and type of home YOU want to buy.  208-870-2115!

Boise Real Estate.  SOME Boise area homes for sale are down for the year so far.  But Boise is still reported as one of the fastest growing metropolitan area in at the country.   Click on the detailed statistics link below for the latest recorded real estate sales statistics.

Boise Median Home Prices.  Ada County, Canyon County Home Sale Statistics.  Boise home sale statistics! 

The Hennessey Report Great Boise, Ada, Canyon county statistics report!

Click on the link above for the most current Boise Real Estate statistics and Idaho home sale statistics.  The statistics are changing by the day.  That is why if you are buying you need an experienced Realtor who knows how to use the tools to do market analysis on any home you may buy.  Don't rely on inexperience in a real estate market like this.  Call one of the agents on Our Realtors® on the left.


For detailed statistics for Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Ada and Canyon, Gem and other Idaho home sales CLICK HERE.  The average asking price for homes in Ada County fell almost $50,000 from June 2008 to June 2009!

Call a Jon Gosché  Real Estate agent to help you.  Please click our Realtors®.  We do Real Estate right!