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Boise Short Sales.  You need the right Realtor to successfully complete a Boise Short Sale.

Boise Idaho area foreclosures and short sales and Boise area homes and land.  208-870-2115 

Find the best Boise Short Sale Realtor® 

During the housing crash I did hundreds of short sales and trained my agents to be short sale experts.  Since then there are very few short sales left.  Things all come and go.  The short sale process is very complicated and in this market it makes little sense for a buyer to pursue a short sale.  They are not necessarily less expensive anymore.  However, if you find one you are enamored with it is vital that you have an experienced agent helping you.  Not just the listing agent but your own buyer agent.  Call and I will connect you with one.

Much for below was published during the short sale boom but is still applicable.  If you are looking for a home to buy, or are selling please call and go to the following link for the most updated homes for sale in the Boise area!  Boise area home listings.

Boise Short Sale News Flash!  A short sale is the sale of a property for less than the seller owes lenders.  But you must beware and have representation that can inform you and negotiate with your lenders.  (A Real Estate agent or anyone else should never charge anything up front.  You should be able to close no expense to you.  With some banks and types of loans the lenders may attempt to have you sign a note for some of the deficiency.  This is usually not necessary.  (The difference is often due to the knowledge and experience of your listing Realtor®).   Beware of agents listing your property with a clause in your agreement that they may charge a buyer processing fee.  You want every penny the buyer pays to go to raising your payoff amount.

Short Sale Sellers in Boise Beware.  The most critical decision you will make is the agent that you choose to list your home.  The majority of short sales fail.  Our's don't. We have a close to 90% closure rate over the last several years.  We can show you letters and the MLS so you can see the listings we have listed, the active, pending, expired and the closed.  We can show you approval letters.  You must ask any agent that you consider to show you their success record.  SEE:  Testimonials and approval letters, Click here, then call for a short sale application.  208-870-2115.   We list a limited number of short sales at a time.

Failure can be devastating and you may have only ONE chance.  Please click on these links below.  Consider your situation carefully and call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 and speak to me about your home and your situation.  We are here to help you.  Buyers can also have very high frustration trying to buy a short sale.  Experience will help you succeed on that side too.  Certification is not reliable.  Experience is what matters in this market.  We have closed more more than 130 short sales in the Boise area.

Warning to Home Owners concerning foreclosure rescue plans click here.  Watch the video below!  (If this shows an error and your doesn't work on your browser, point at the video and point at click the youtube icon in the bottom right corner and watch on youtube please!)

 Boise Short sale scams!   We want to give you all of the information you need to make good decisions.   We want to answer all of your short sale questions so you KNOW how to do it right!  Besides outright fraud, there are are some questionable practices you should know about.  1. Some short sale agents are charging a buyer processing fee.  This is a way for them to get paid more.  But it drives up the buyer's price making it harder for them to have down payment money.  2. Others are listing that they are paying a buyer agent less than the usual making it likely that some buyer agents are going to look for other property before yours.  Ask these questions.

It used to be that very few Realtors® in Boise even wanted to try to do a short sale.  But because of the tough market hundreds of agents have taken short courses and are holding themselves out to be short sale experts.  Very few have done a LOT of closings, even some who have listed many.  There are also a lot of scams going on.  Some are not even on purpose.  In other words the agent may not even KNOW what they are doing is unethical, illegal, wrong, or to your detriment.  Here is a good outside link with some of what we see happening.

Bank of America is here to help!  Yeah, right!  Help the loan holder collect all they can!  

What Happens When Short Sales Fail?  This is a must read if you are thinking about doing a short sale.  Read the entire article.  ASK FOR PROOF OF COMPETENCE.  Ask to see short sale approval letters.  Ask to look at MLS statistics and LOOK at how many short sales the agent has listed, how many they have closed and HOW MANY HAVE EXPIRED OR CANCELED!  THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT decisions you will EVER make.  Click here and see short sale approval letters. 

The author of the above article says "So it’s easy to see that you have about a 14% chance of having your Short Sale succeed. I wouldn’t take those odds on a card game, much less on the sale of my home. Yet, we see homeowner after homeowner walking blindly into the bear trap of listing their home with an agent who has no clue about the process."  Our success rate is closer to 90%. 

Click here for Boise area bank owned homes for sale. 

Click here for Boise area short sale homes for sale.

Follow Boise Real Estate Blog, Click Here.

You may have only ONE SHOT and a limited amount of time to do a short sale.  Take this seriously.  Get it right.  There are many "experts" who have a miserable closing rate.  Read the information on this page if you are even considering doing a short sale.  I can show you our closing history directly from the MLS (multiple listing service) and any other Realtor®.  Don't trust an "expert".  Ask to see how many successful closing the agent you are considering has.  This is a continually changing process and experience, not weekend courses are how one becomes an expert.  Beware of certifications!  You can go to a weekend seminar, never have done a short sale but claim a certification.  

Worse yet much of the short sale  material used in some of the short sale certification experts programs comes from the banks!  Who's best interest do you imagine that they work for?  Certainly not yours.  Many Real Estate agent short sales experts are basically taught to roll over when it comes to having sellers sign deficiency notes,  and fail to even attempt to put language in the closing documents stating that no deficiency judgment will be sought against the seller.

The following important notice is required by law to be disclosed to anyone offering or advertising to you loan modification or short sale negotiation.



You may stop doing business with us at any time. You may accept or reject the offer of mortgage assistance we obtain from your lender [or servicer]. If you reject the offer, you do not have to pay us. If you accept the offer, you will have to pay us (insert amount or method for calculating the amount) for our services. (This should be paid by your lender!)


You should NEVER pay a Real Estate Agent any upfront fee.  And in fact you should not pay them anything!  The bank will pay them out of closing funds. If one asks for upfront payment or additional payment other than what the short sale lender agrees to pay the agent it should be a BIG RED FLAG  and you should be looking for a different agent.  The notice applies for so called loan modification specialists too.  You should NEVER pay them an upfront fee.


90% of short sale listings FAIL to close and end up in foreclosure!  Most of our submitted short sales have successfully closed.  Before you lock in to a "short sale expert" call me.   Should you consult with any Realtor® about doing a short sale make sure you as them what their closure success rate is.  Some boast of many listings but if you look in the MLS and see how many they actually have closed often if not usually you are going to see they have closed few.  This is often a one shot chance for you to avoid foreclosure buy doing a short sale.  The wrong agent can be your biggest mistake.  Our two short sale agents as of 4-28-2011 have closed 80 short sales for sellers and have several in process.  Any Realtor® can easily show you on the MLS how many any other Realtor®  has listed and has closed.  If you don't choose me or one of my agents make sure to check.  Check ME!  I would be glad to show you.

If you are upside down and have to sell a Short Sale may be your answer.  But read below and call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 and ask me to email a short sale package to you.  We have sold 78 or more in just the last several months.   This is a one time try and the Realtor® that you choose will be the main factor in weather you close or not.  Click on the approval letter tab on the left to see approval letters. 

Easily narrow your search on each of the above links or on the Best MLS tab by using the options on the left.  Be sure to look at the street views found on the full detail views.

If you clicked on the first site on Google you may have seen a more professional looking web designer web page.  But we aren't web designers.  We are Realtors® who do a lot of short sales.   Call and talk to me about your situation.  208-870-2115.

 Foreclosure is on your record for 7 years!  Short sales record as settled debt.  This may change and your future credit may be affected by the reason that you did a short sale or were foreclosed on.  You may only have one chance to do a short sale instead of get foreclosed on!  Many Real Estate agents and even the banks you talk to tell you you need to be in default.  NOT TRUE!  The reason to do a short sale is to preserve your credit as best you can and possibly stop falling deeper into debt.  You need to succeed.  I can give you escrow agent references on short sale success.  You may NEED to succeed the first time to not fall into foreclosure.  Call me at 208-879-2115 BEFORE you list your home as a short sale and I promise either I or one of my trained foreclosure agents will help you be one of the successes.  Call Jon at 208-870-2115  or email to me and ask for short sale expectation and time line report.  Just click on here, and ask your question.

Get time line and expectations report for short sale.  Click here, enter the words "short sale expectations" in subject line, send and you will receive a three page detailed expectations and time line report concerning the process of doing a short sale.

Don't lose your Boise Idaho home to foreclosure!  If you are facing losing your home or even may be please call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115.  We may be able to stop your foreclosure. 

We need Boise area home buyers who want to buy for pennies on the dollar.  There are hundreds of homes for sale that have been for sale for months and will not sell.   We are experienced with short sales.   Many of these agents are not and that is why the homes are not sold.  They need to get offers in to stop the foreclosures and lenders WILL negotiate prices with us below loans owed on the homes.  If you are an investor or looking for a home to live in CALL Today and talk to us about how to save thousands and thousands of dollars while at the same time actually helping a family prevent loosing their home to foreclosure.

If you have been watching the news you know there is a housing crisis like never before.  This is a new ball game for lenders, sellers, buyers, Real Estate agents, and investors.  Everything is changing.  Even the lenders and there loan loss mitigators are in chaos.  They want and need to negotiate and liquidate there loans.  They do not want to foreclose.  They will work with an experienced short sale specialist.  We want primarily to help people in trouble.  Secondarily to help new home owners get a buy of their lifetime.  Thirdly we even want to help investors who want to make money but also have some of the same sentiment for helping others.  Even if you are an investor experienced in doing finding your own short sales, making your own offers and closing and reselling your own deals we think we can help you find more deals, and make more money.  Call Jon Gosche 207-870-2115.  If you are a Realtor® and have listings you cannot sell call us!  Tell us your story and we will tell you what we can do.

Invest safe? or Lose your life savings?

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A short sale may allow you to avoid losing your home, filing bankruptcy or being foreclosed!

As many overleveraged new home owners, investors and buyer's who bought at the top of the market with adjustable mortgages are having more and more trouble paying their mortgages while their house values are dropping they may find themselves in a position where they have to sell but are "upside down"!  Meaning that they can't sell their home without bringing money to the closing table.  The problem you may have is that you don't have that money!  Many people in this situation don't know how to get away from this and often start too late.  Most Real Estate Agents have never been involved in a short sale and don't know how to make it work.   

If this is you, before you file for bankruptcy, miss payments, or start building up more debt by being late on payments you should understand what a short sale is.  In short, a short sale is when a lender agrees to be paid off less than you owe.  This can be complicated and your lender may or may not talk with you about it.  If you are in a position like this, or see it coming DON'T wait until the last minute.  Secondly, don't get involved with a real estate agent that has never worked with short sales.  Time is of the essence.  Knowing how to talk to your mortgage holder and having help is imperative. Many real estate agents have never been through a down market and don't know how to handle these and can be a real impediment to your sale and your financial salvation or recovery.  Before it is to late call me, Jon Gosche and talk to me about how we can help you.  If you are an investor and haven't done short sales yourself you should also call me.  I would be happy to analyze your situation and either help you or direct you to resources and courses of action to help you prevent foreclosure and or bankruptcy. Call me at 208-870-2115 and do it before it is late.  Most people start this too late in desperation.  Let me help you.

If you are a Real Estate agent with a client faced with foreclosure and you have not worked with short sales call one of us.  Receive a referral fee rather than a hassle. 

Short sales may be an opportunity to get a really good buy.  Often , you can buy short for less than the same property will sell at foreclosure.   Lenders don't want to foreclose.  It costs more and they may be able to come out ahead with a short sale.  But timing is of the essence and that cannot be stressed too much.  Once the foreclosure process starts a point is arrived at whereby the short sale becomes much more expensive because of legal fees and the property will likely go through foreclosure.  Foreclosures go to auction and often are sold for fair value or even more.  Foreclosure property incurs a lot more cost than a short sale.  Call Jon at 208-870-2115 if you want more information about short sales and foreclosures.   We can help you find opportunities and if you need to get out of a property we may be able to help you do it.

Why sell short rather than be foreclosed on?  Because it may prevent you from loosing everything you have!  After foreclosure a lender can STILL SUE YOU.  Selling short may preserve your credit.  But if you are missing payments you can't wait.  Selling short is a process that may take more time than you have.  Once foreclosure is started there are more fees, and the lender is going to do everything they can to mitigate their loss.  We want to mitigate YOUR loss!

A web site that is a  tracking tool is . There is a fee and there is no guarantee that the data is up to date.  But we can help you in any South Western Idaho area.   Call me if you want to know more or see if you qualify to sell or buy a short sale property.  Jon Gosche 208-870-2115.  We will provide a link to all Boise area property listed as a short sale to our clients at no charge.  There is no charge to be a client. You will also get all new listings from all Realtors® when they list a home or property as a short sale.  For non clients we will send you a current link to all short sale properties for a fee.  Call John Boles at 208-830-6185 or Jon Gosche and become a client for free.  Or call to purchase your one time list for a one time fee.

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