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Boise Homes for sale.  Call one of our our agents to find out how to get the best deal possible on Boise Homes.  Builders NEED to sell their Boise Homes.  Now.  They need to sell their Boise homes that they built during the building boom and are still for sale in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna and Caldwell Idaho!


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Boise, Meridian, and the entire Treasure Valley are in a falling real estate market!  Call ME for a solution consultation for buying or selling homes in Boise in a falling real estate market.  This is when dream homes you could never hope to own are obtainable!

Almost 2,000 Realtors have dropped out of the MLS in the last few months.  The short sale lists are full of Realtor® owned property.  Lenders are sending letters saying there is no longer 100% financing available.

Many people who have to sell owe more than there home will sell for.  There is truly "blood in the streets."

The bad news is the good news.  You are probably NOT going to be able to sell for what you could have a year ago.  But you are going to be able to buy for a lot less too.  This is not the time to for sale buy owner or go with a discount Real Estate company.  It IS the time to get with a Agent/Broker who is experienced with down markets.

If you have to move don't despair.  If you are moving out of the area for a new job or want to move up this is an opportunity.  I have bought and sold Real Estate for 30 plus years.  I have done every kind of creative deal legally that you could think of.  Call me and let's figure out how to get you on the road you want to be on.

If you are buying a home or land there has never been a better time.  If you are selling to move to a new area or want to move up this is the time to turn lemons to lemonade!

This is the time when DEAL MAKERS RULE!

  1. Short Sales.
  2. Rent to own.
  3. There are still programs, grants and ways to do 100% financing or to legally get you or your buyer the down payment they need!

Call me and let's talk.  I have done this for over 30 years.  My son in law and daughter and other agents are having a record sales year using my techniques.  Jon Gosche 208-870-2115.

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