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Boise Homes for sale.  Call one of our our agents to find out how to get the best deal possible on Boise Homes.  Builders NEED to sell their Boise Homes.  Now.  They need to sell their Boise homes that they built during the building boom and are still for sale in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna and Caldwell Idaho!


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Three ways to get the brand new listings with addresses, direction, and detailed information.  Of course you can always click on the MLS search button on the left of the page and do manual searches simply.

  1.   View short video. Call one of our agents for set up. Easiest.
  2. Email to one of our agents you will find by clicking the Our Realtor® tab on the left asking how to sign up for the HBSR yourself and they will email back easy instructions and a link for you to use.
  3. Click here and fill out the short criteria form.

If you call one of our agents on the Our Realtor® page found by clicking the link button on the left.  Any one of them can either set up your Home Buyer Scouting Report or another similar automatic search and email that will give you all new listings, Real Time as soon as any Realtor® lists a new property that matches your criteria.  You will literally get new listings before Realtors® even have the chance to find them!

Both ways are private and you can view listings, drive by and look all you want without any pressure from a Real Estate agent to hurry up.  When you find anything that you want to see inside, call one of us and we will get you  right in even if you have several from different companies to look at.

Listing agents are agents for the Sellers.  Never give them information about your interest, your financial capabilities or other things you wouldn't tell a seller who is trying to get the highest price and have you pay all the closing fees.  We are buyer's agent specialists.  It costs you nothing to have a buyer agent representative.  Commissions are always negotiated when a property is listed and put on the MLS.  Having a buyer's Realtor® who has a statutory responsibility to watch out for you makes sense.  Please click on the  Idaho Real Estate Commission link here and click on agency brochure.  It is so important that the Idaho Real Estate Commission has made it the law that a Real Estate agent presents it to you on the first business contact.  In spite of that, not all do and most new buyers are not interested.  Be an informed buyer.  SAVE money and stay out of hot water.  Click here for the agency brochure.