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Affordable housing in the Boise Treasure Valley area!

Do you work or live in Idaho City, Garden Valley, Boise County and struggle to make rent payments or house payments?

Many people are paying house payments twice what they could be!  Click HERE we will send you a map of the areas where Rural Development loans are available and qualifying information.

You can afford more than you think if you know the right Real Estate Agent who can help you get the best lending program for you.

Renters need to re think!   Especially if you can live in one of the Idaho communities listed below!  Get a Rural Development loan pro-rated according to your income and buy what you don't even know you can.  Easily without doing a dangerous teaser rate mortgage.

Rural Development Loans in The Surrounding Boise Area Can be as low as effectively paying 2% interest.

We have been able to get many people into brand new homes that they never though possible because we understand how to help people get into lending programs that most Real Estate agents and lenders don't even know exist, and others don't want to take the trouble to deal with.

Many who can not afford conventional financing qualify for USDA Rural Development loans.  You may have an annual income of up to $60,000 or even possibly more and qualify for a Rural Development loan and pay hundreds of dollars less per month!  For example:  A $200,000 loan at 7% interest will have a monthly principle and interest payment of $1,330.  A Rural Development loan may result in an effective interest rate of as low as 2% lowering the payment to $740! (This is hypothetical and your specific effective interest and loan amount will be determined by income, children in your household, purchase area and other things.)  Would that make buying a home possible for you?  Rural Development loans can be used in the following areas close to Boise.

  1. Kuna.
  2. Star.
  3. Middleton.
  4. Idaho City.
  5. Boise County
  6. Garden Valley.
  7. Horseshoe Bend.
  8. Parma.
  9. Wilder.
  10. Greenleaf.
  11. Homedale.
  12. Melba.

You may qualify with up to a $60,000 or more income.  You may make only $20,000 per year but be able to afford a brand new house with a Rural Development loan.  Call and let us help match you with the right financing and home. 

Call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115  and let us help you get into a new home.  This works for newer homes in good shape, new never occupied homes and we can even build a brand new home for you.